Capstone Research Project Presentation Reflection

Capstone Research Project Presentation Reflection

When I was researching for this presentation, I learned that the debate between Michael Jordan and Lebron James has been going on for awhile and that many people have their own opinion but the debate will never have a definite answer.

I believe I did provide an introduction that intrigued the audience while establishing the topic during my presentation. I also believe I did provide an in-depth reflection about the experience throughout my presentation. I believe I did present the information clearly and effectively to the point that my audience was engaged in the debate and were not confused. I also believe I did present the information, my findings, and my supporting evidence to conveying a clear and distinct perspective with adequate research. I believe I did demonstrate well-placed inflection and gestures that created an engaging delivery style indicative of advance preparation throughout my presentation. I did present proper grammar that was appropriate and correct during my presentation. I do believe my presentation integrated multimedia and visual displays to clarify information, strengthen claims and evidence, and add interest throughout my presentation.

Presentation techniques that I can incorporate into my next presentation is definitely making it shorter and sweet instead of having an eight minute presentation. I can also use a little more visual aids in my presentation but not to the point of over doing it.

Some things I could of done to change my presentation is to probably choose a side on the debate and favorite one more than the other. I could also get classmates opinion on the debate instead of using players that could like or hate Michael Jordan or Lebron James.

I wish that I would of have a little more opinions in my presentation because that would prove my point that this debate is a pretty big deal for a lot of sports fans mostly NBA fans. I also wish I showed more of their highlights instead of straight facts because that would give you a visual on how both players play the game that they love.

If I could present my presentation again I would definitely keep it short and sweet so the audience does not get bored and tired of my presentation. i want to be able to educate my audience not make them want to fall asleep.

Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I believe I did a very good job to entertain the audience with this big debate. I am also confident it got the audience to start question who is the better player. I am glad I was able to do this topic as well since it is a pretty big deal in my family and be able to show my audience my opinion on this debate.

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Documentary Smore / Padlet Audience Reflection

  • #5 – Super Size Me

     – This documentary is about how a very healthy individual, who eats clean and exercises, can become unhealthy due to eating fast food as well as any sort of junk food. I gave this documentary the number 5 spot because even though it shows you how bad fast food is for your body, it also promotes the fast food restaurants because they are quick and easy instead of making dinner yourself.


#4 – Making a Murderer

– This documentary is about a man who has been sentenced to live in prison but is wrongly convicted of the crime. I gave this documentary the number 4 spot because not a whole lot of teenagers are into these types of films. I am not knocking the documentary but I just do not think a lot will watch this.

#3 – The Interrupters

– This documentary is about the violence that takes place in Chicago and how ex gang members, who have served time, are trying to help the guys who are involved with gang related violence. I gave this documentary the number 3 spot because it will show teenagers if you hangout with the wrong people, they can be a bad influence. It also raises awareness about the violence that takes place in Chicago and shows how these men are trying to make a difference in their community.

#2 – Rich Hill

– This documentary is about three kids whose families are poor and do not have a lot. They show how they make time past and what they want to do in the future. They are the true example of people who are happy with what they have and want no more than what they need. I gave this documentary the number 2 spot because it teaches teenagers that there are some kids that are happy and get by with the things that they have even if its not enough. This shows you how lucky you are to have the things you have at the moment because at any point it can be taken away.

#1 – Sound of Fury

– This documentary is about two families that have someone deaf and how they struggle to decide if they want the younger ones, who are deaf, get cochlear implants. These implants can help a deaf kid at a young age to be able to get his or her hearing back and be able to learn how to speak in the future. I gave this documentary the number 1 spot because it not easy to be deaf let alone try implants that may not work. This will show teenagers what it is really like to be deaf your whole life and show how a family can be ripped apart cause of it.

Option 3: Advice for Future High School Students

Now that I am thinking back on my Freshmen and Sophomore years, I have a few tips I can tell you about some lessons I learned. My Freshmen year I went to a different school that I am currently going to now at the moment. One of the first obstacles I had was finding new friends because I knew nobody. I went to a private school majority of my education and going public I thought I was going to go insane. Being confident and finding new friends is the best way for all you incoming freshmen to enjoy high school. Put yourself out there and you will find some really nice people. I wish I knew some of my friends I have now before high school. It would of made my transition to the school a lot easier but not everything in your life is suppose to be easy now is it. Another important tip is do not let peer pressure get to you. If you are hanging out with your friends and they ask you to do something you are not comfortable with do not do it because it will make you cooler. This is something people think they have to do to so they can fit in with the popular people. And if that is the case, maybe you need to find some better finds that will guide you in the right direction and not the wrong one. But most of all, just have fun in high school. Stay focus on your education and keep your eyes on the prize.

Pro Con – Prescription Drugs

This article is a very good example of how companies use drug commercials as a way to persuade people into getting prescriptions for prescription drugs. These ads consist of false claims about these drugs saying that if you take them you could cure your illness. Unfortunately, a lot of the drugs may help one thing but can lead to another problem which would need you to get more prescription drugs. The importance of the Prescription drug issue is to finally realize that we have a problem with companies false advertising these drugs so they can make a profit. If we do not try to stop this problem right this minute, our future generation could suffer even deeper than we are at the moment. In my opinion, prescription drugs are becoming more and more widely accessible which means anybody at any age can easily get their hands on these drugs. One you start taking these drugs you will continue to feel like you need to up your dosage because you feel more and more pain. It is the mind that is playing games on you. I hardly ever take any type of prescription drugs unless I really need it. It is scary seeing that documentary we watched in class and seeing how fast someones life can change because of prescription drugs. The fact people die everyday because of a drug overdose from prescription drugs is insane. They are pointless to me. You take them and then you feel better for a couple hours and then BOOM, the pain is back. The website was very straightforward when it came to showing how companies back in the 1800’s and still to this day, use false claims to get people to want to buy into prescription drugs. The information is not bias because they are the ones who can prove that companies take advantage of people so they can make a profit. They are the ones who can prove that people will get more and more addicted to prescription drugs. All in all, if nothing is done in the next few decades, the prescription drug epidemic will continue to increase and will get worse each and every year.

Prescription Drug Problem Sparks Debate Over Solutions    Image result for prescription drugs


Black History Month

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Chris Rock is a black comedian, actor, voice actor, and much more. He is very funny especially in some of his movies like Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, and the Madagascar Series. He is not only good at making people laugh at his jokes but also giving very inspirational life advice. There are countless times he has changed someones life due to his jokes or advice. He has guided many people to recover from an addiction. Mr. Rock is the type of guy that cares about others and tries to make their life a little bit better. He has influenced many young kids to pursue a career as a comedian and encourages them to never give up. He tells them that it will be challenging but if you have the right mindset you can be just like him. Mr. Rock is also a writer and has written books called Rock This! and NPR: The First Forty Years. These books are mostly books about comedy but also explain his life in some parts. He also has countless TV Shows that can just teach you so many things about life. Some of the things are about to just live life instead of being afraid. Take every chance you have because you only live once and do you really want to regret things you did not do? – Chris Rock

Social Issue Research Topic

What is your social issue?

My social issue is bullying. I picked bullying was because many adults and children are takings their lives because they are either depressed from people making fun of them or because they are always getting pushed around because they are different.

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

Bullying is such a social issue because bullying continues to be a problem throughout schools and really across the United States. People disagree that people are really not taking their lives because of bullying or the dropout rate from all grade levels even though those numbers continue to rise each and every year.

What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?

My proposed solution is that having anti-bullying programs throughout the United States. This is the best solution because this will teach kids how to prevent bullies from effecting their lives and even for the ones who bully kids because it will teach them that bullying a person because they are different can really effect their life.

What are pros to your solution?

The pro side of of this topic is do school or after school events have programs for people getting bullied or even for the ones that are bullying kids to decrease the rate of suicides and dropouts.

What are cons to your solution?

The con side of this topic is schools or after school events do not have programs for people getting bullied or bury it like it never happened. This is why the rate of suicides and dropout rates continue to rise.

Do you think I can add or change anything to make my argument any better?

What is your opinion on bullying?

Do you agree or disagree about how bullying can effect someones life.

The 3 Most Entertaining Super Bowl Commercials of 2018

The purpose of the message is to entertain, persuade, and inform people to think about buying a Jeep.  The stance of this video is to show the viewers that a Jeep is very durable, fun, and safe for all to enjoy. It was pretty effective for the viewers because it makes the Jeep look like a fun and entertaining car especially if you like going mudding/off roading.

The purpose of this video is to entertain and persuade people to buy a Jeep by showing people a little segment from Jurassic Park. The Stance of this video is to show viewers how the Jeep is a pretty sweet ride. They also try to get people to buy a Jeep by showing a quick clip from the movie Jurassic park. It was effective for the viewers because having a small clip from Jurassic Park makes people think about the movie and that if a Jeep is in a commercial for Jurassic Park it has to be a pretty sweet ride.

The purpose of this video is to persuade and inform people t0 buy the Monster headphones. The stance of this video is to show how real celebrities can make a commercial and sales go through the roof. By having these celebrities in the commercial, this gives all their fans thinking about buying the product they were get sponsored by so in this case the Monster headphones. I think this commercial was effective because since they used celebrities that are pretty popular opened their business up to millions and millions of people.

Play-Doh Creation

Today I created something that probably is one of my favorite hobbies. Weightlifting has been keeping me going for about a year. I enjoy going to AP class everyday and getting a really good pump in. I continue to go to the gym about everyday to get better and bigger as well. I only go about four time a weeks because I am doing an upper/lower body split which consists of doing uppers on Mondays and Thursdays. Lowers are on Tuesdays and Fridays. My off days, which you really need if you want your muscles to develop and recover, are Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sunday. I also love having a pretty healthy diet because without a well balanced diet, you cannot really make any progress so working out would be a waste of time. I also try to do cardio everyday but sometimes I am not able to due to either work or attending a family event. I try to get my homework done as soon as possible or try to finish all my homework during school because that will give me more time to prepare my meals and also let me workout a little bit longer or in general, take my time when it comes to the weights. Getting enough sleep is also very important as well. So if enjoy sleeping, eating, and being physically fit, then you are enjoy the same hobbies I enjoy. My fellow students around me made many interesting things. The all mostly dealt with a hobby like me. They consisted of videos games, ice cream, hearts, and a picture of themselves. Weightlifting can be related to the writing process because you continue to build on a single topic. You continue to build muscle everyday you lift. You continue to build everyday as a writer because as you write you become more developed and faster when it comes to the writing process.

Equal Pay Viewpoint

Throughout the ISideWith website, there are many topics that look at people viewpoints. The topic I picked was Equal Pay. In the United states 79% of people say there should be equal pay and 21% of people say there should not be equal pay because of the level with the persons education and experience in the position. Now if we look at the votes just in Illinois the pie chart does not really change. 81% of people say there should be equal pay and 19% say there should not be equal pay all for the same reasons as before. Once again the pie chart does not really change when we just look at Chicago. 82% of people say there should be equal pay and 18% say there should not be equal pay. Also, it looks like the reasons for these percentages still remain the same as the ones before. If you look at ethnicity no matter what race they all pretty much stay in the same range. There are none that really have a huge decrease or increase in the percentages of pay who say there should be/should not be equal pay. If you look at the incomes of others as well there is really no increase or decrease of percentages. They seem to maintain around the 75% and 80%  range. Now if you look at a political standpoint 92% say there should be equal pay and 8% say there should not be equal pay. All in all, everybody is going to have a different viewpoint no matter what the subject is. For example, my summary on the topic of Equal Pay proves that no matter who you are, what you look like, or what your income is, you will still have a different viewpoint on a certain topic. It is your opinion, who cares what others think. Stay true to yourself.

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My New Year Word Art

The words I have used in my word art are just some of the words I can use to describe my personality. Some of the words I used were strong because I enjoy going to AP and the gym everyday to continue to get stronger by lifting weights. I also used athletic because in grade school I was a three sport athlete. I know you’re probably thinking why I do not play sports in high school and honestly I cannot explain that. I played Football, Basketball and Volleyball at school. In the summer I played baseball as well. All in all, I am just very thankful for my life and the family and friends that I have. They continue to encourage me to be the best.